Dundaff Linn inspires budding artists

11 artists follow in the footsteps of master painters

The tumbling water of the Falls of Clyde has provided inspiration for generations of artists including W.M. Turner and Alexander Nasmyth. On 31 August and 1 September 2013, local artist Veronica Liddell hosted a Landscape Painting Course in her studio at New Lanark, where 11 artists of varying experience turned to the unmistakeable Dundaff Linn at the Falls of Clyde for fresh inspiration.

The 11 artists and their finished masterpieces

Here, Veronica reflects on the course, the benefits to the budding artists and the wider advantages of creative practice.

“They were a lively friendly bunch, some local and others from Bo'ness, Newcastle and London. About half were complete beginners; the others had some experience. We used water mixable oils and painted Dundaff Linn from photographs – unfortunately, due to the time of year, weather and location weren't suitable for working outdoors. The finished paintings were fascinating - so much variation on a single theme. One lady added two tigers drinking from the river to 'add a bit of drama’! The finished paintings were displayed in an exhibition in The River Room in The Institute.

“I think the budding artists all gained a lot from the course in various ways. One experienced watercolour artist had never tried oils before and enjoyed the challenges of another medium; another was surprised at the quality of their end result; and another, who had only done pencil work, had great fun messing about with oils. Apart from the art tuition, the group also enjoyed shared lunches and the planned events. I think they all had a refreshing weekend!

“I’ve been told that when anyone is engaging in a creative process such as painting, gardening or music activities, their brainwaves develop a similar pattern to that shown in meditation. Some call it a state of ‘flow’- interesting!"

The artists at work on their Dundaff Linn oil paintings

The course was funded by New Lanark Trust and Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership. It was complimented by a talk on the History of Art in the Clyde Valley by Jane Masters, Heritage Manager for New Lanark on the eve of the first day of the course. Keep up to date with similar events at New Lanark by visiting their website or signing up to their e-newsletter.

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