Mauldslie Woodlands

Follow the Clyde Walkway through the grounds of Mauldslie Castle

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Nestled in the Clyde Valley between Rosebank and Garrion Bridge and containing remnants of the designed landscape of the now demolished Mauldslie Castle, Mauldslie Woodlands offers fantastic walking opportunities overlooking the River Clyde and linking with the Clyde Walkway.

Part of the Clyde Valley Woodlands National Nature Reserve (NNR), the valley is wider and more open at Mauldslie Woodlands, with shallower slopes than other sites in the NNR, meaning that trees have been easier to harvest here. In the 1800s, the wood was cleared and replanted. Part of the site was once an orchard - one of many producing apples, pears and plums for which the Clyde Valley was once famous.

The path meanders through open parkland beside the River Clyde before reaching the woods and is a popular spot for locals, as well as a through route for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders from Glasgow to New Lanark along the Clyde Walkway.