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Plant a Mini Orchard Resources

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Download the ‘Plant a Mini Orchard’ campaign resources for advice on all aspects of orchard planning, planting, management and maintenance, by clicking the downloads on the right. Downloads include a Teachers Resource Pack which shows how orchards can be used in the classroom for all areas of the curriculum.

The Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT) ‘Plant a Mini Orchard’ 2015/16 campaign created resources for, and worked with 60 primary schools in the Clyde and Avon Valley and Inner Forth area, to create and look after an orchard in their school grounds.

The campaign was based around the official definition of an orchard being five fruit trees. Each school was therefore provided with five apple trees, along with the resources needed to plan, plant and look after the orchard.

The project was funded by CSGNT, Scottish Natural Heritage, and Heritage Lottery Fund supported Inner Forth Landscape Initiative and the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership. Forth Valley Orchards Initiative, Clyde Valley Orchards Group, Larkhall Community Growers and the Castlebank Centre are providing valuable assistance to the project, and will be working with schools and running training courses on orchard management over the summer and autumn.

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