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Uncovering the Past

Explore the valley’s past through archaeology, history and historical maps.

People have lived in the Clyde and Avon valleys since prehistoric times. We aim to explore our valleys’ past with you through archaeology, oral history and historic maps.

From mysterious prehistoric monuments, such as the Bronze Age cairn at Blackhill, to the broken remnants of the glasshouses along the Clyde that testify to the valley’s fruit industry, there is archaeological evidence that can tell us about the valleys’ past.

Another important source of information is the people who live here.  Oral history is an important way of capturing information about life in the valleys; you can often discover things that you cannot find in the history books. We want to collect and share people’s stories.

The valleys are the birthplace of the famous 18th century surveyor and cartographer William Roy and so it is only right that we celebrate our mapping heritage. Old maps can tell us so much about how the landscape has changed over time and help us discover lost places. 

What we will do

In our exploration of the past, we want to help you develop news skills and learn more about where you live. This will be done through training in a range of skills from archaeological excavation to photography, informative events, fun activities, exhibitions and our website.