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Biodiversity in the Landscape

The Clyde and Avon valleys have many habitats that create homes for a wide variety of Scottish plants and animals to live. We aim to improve understanding of the diversity of wildlife in our landscape to encourage and protect species and habitats for the future.

Biodiversity is a term to describe the variety of life on our planet and the habitats they live in. Our valleys are brimming with life; you can discover many species of insects, plants, birds and animals living here including bluebells, badgers and woodpeckers.

Within the valleys many places have been identified a special or significant habitats because of the species that live there, particularly our ancient woodlands.

Biodiversity is important for our ecosystem, ensuring its survival through the balance of the wildlife and plants that live here. However, there are dangers that can upset this balance, from human destruction of habitats to invasive species, such as rhododendron, who left unchecked can take over habitats and so threaten native species.


What we will do

We aim to enhance biodiversity in the area through:

  • Understanding what wildlife we have and monitoring
  • Remove alien species that threaten their survival
  • Manage habitats for biodiversity
  • Create new habitats that encourage biodiversity, e.g. wildflower meadows

Find out more about our individual projects below, or check out Our People for volunteering and training opportunities to help with this work.