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Getting Out and About

We want you to get outdoors and enjoy our valleys by providing opportunities for you to explore, through path improvements, new walks and information about the nature and history you can discover here.

The Clyde Walkway, one of Scotland’s great trails, runs through the Clyde and Avon Valleys Landscape Partnership, allowing visitors and locals to enjoy the river views, nature and history of the valley. We aim to improve access to the Clyde Walkway.

There are many other smaller walks in the area; each one offers a chance of new discoveries and beautiful scenery. Working with local communities, we aim to highlight these and create new walks that link villages to the landscape and each other.

From mighty fortifications such as Craignethan Castle to bluebell glens, we want to highlight to you what is interesting to see along your way. Through interpretation, themed heritage trails and our website you can explore and discover the stories of the valleys.


Get Involved

We want to get you involved in our projects, providing opportunities through consultation,training and volunteering in a range of related activities, from physical path works to creating new interpretation.
You can also contribute to the stories we can tell about the landscape, through our website by uploading information about great walks, valley stories and highlights through the Virtual Museum and Digital Heritage Trails. 
Find out more by clicking on individual projects below, or check out Heritage Trails and Virtual Museum.