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Training and Learning

Training and learning cuts across all the aims of the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership’s programme. We want to offer you opportunities to discover new skills and develop old ones, build your capacity to care for the landscape and learn about what makes the valleys special.

Our partners will provide training and learning opportunities, many supporting volunteer activities they are running or fill skill gaps identified by local communities to help you take your own projects forward.

Training funding by the partnership is FREE.

Opportunities include:

  • Skill training – conservation and heritage skills to care for the landscape
  • Employability training –new skills for the workplace
  • Capacity Building – supporting community groups to grow
  • Learning –explore the landscape through taster workshops, events and interpretation.
  • Schools – create opportunities for outdoor learning

We'll post training opportunities funded through CAVLP here.

Get involved and volunteer, check out our Volunteer pages to find out more.

Why not go to our Events page to find out about events, workshops and other opportunities to find out about the Clyde and Avon valleys.