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Explore our Nature Reserves

The stunning landscape, diverse wildlife and rich history of the Clyde and Avon valleys provides plenty of opportunities for you to explore. We aim to improve access for you to enjoy our beautiful landscape.

The valleys’ location within Scotland’s central belt means we are only a day-trip away for over two million people. Many are unaware that on their doorstep you can visit places of national importance, both in terms of Scotland’s history and natural heritage.

Natural Highlights

The Valleys’ nature reserves are special places chosen to highlight and protect wildlife, from peregrines to ancient oak trees. This includes the woodland areas that make up the Clyde Valley Woodland National Nature Reserve:

  • Chatelherault
  • Falls of Clyde
  • Lower Nethan Gorge
  • Mauldslie
  • Cleghorn Glen
  • Cartland Craigs


Exploring the past

You can also step back in time by visiting historic places such as New Lanark World Heritage Site. One of the interesting features of the valleys’ nature reserves is their connections to the past. Hidden within what often appears to be a natural wilderness, you can discover castles, a medieval earthworks or evidence that the woodland was once part of a grand estate.


What we will do

We aim to provide and improve both physical and intellectual access to these places through:

  • path creation and improvements
  • new signage
  • innovative interpretation
  • fun and informative events
  • new opportunities for you to actively get involved

We will also support a range of management activities to enhance and protect the wildlife of these sites for the future.

Find out more below, or check out Our People for trails, events and volunteering.