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Built Heritage

The Clyde and Avon Valley landscape contains a rich built heritage, many built features were designed by the grand estate owners to be viewed and enjoyed as part of the landscape. We aim to learn more about our built heritage and to conserve and restore built features for future communities to continue to enjoy.

From Craignethan Castle to New Lanark’s mills, there are many grand buildings within the Clyde and Avon valley Landscape Partnership. However, sometimes we overlook the importance of more everyday structures that also have value, such as the historic villages that line the valley or the old, often forgotten, graveyards. Our built heritage projects focus on these and explore what is special about where we live and considers how we can care for it for the future.

What we will do

  • Work with communities and groups to record and understand our built heritage
  • Restore and conserve key built features within the landscape
  • Celebrate our built heritage through events and interpretation